Are Test Strips Accurate Aquarium?

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How does the nitrate test work?

The nitrate reduction test is based on the detection of nitrite in the medium after incubation with an organism. If present in the medium, nitrite will react with sulfanilic acid (Nitrate reagent A) to form a colorless complex (nitrite-sulfanilic acid).

Can I test my water for nitrates?

The EPA strongly suggests that you test for nitrates and nitrites in your well water every year. Home testing water analysis kits often include tests for nitrates and nitrites. TestAssured includes a test strip for these two contaminants in the Complete Water Analysis Test Kit as well as the Well Water Testing Kit.

Are test strips universal?

Manufacturers market strips made for their monitors, and strips made for other devices simply will not work. Even different meters from the same manufacturer often require a different set of strips. You may be able to find generic strips that will work in your meter.

E. coli can reduce nitrate for different purposes, such as a terminal electron acceptor (respiration), redox balancing (dissimilation), and growth (assimilation; Moreno-Vivian et al., 1999).

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